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This course will give participants the knowledge to perform in a CICS multi-region environment. InterSystem Communication (ISC) and Multiple Region Operation (MRO) features and facilities are presented. IBM's Systems Network Architecture (SNA) is discussed. The various types of sessions between systems are presented in detail: MRO, ISC LUTYPE6.1, and ISC LUTYPE6.2 (or APPC as it is also known). A complete presentation of Function Shipping, Transaction Routing, Asynchronous Processing, and Distributed Transaction Processing (DTP) is given. Also, the very important topics of Syncpointing and Recovery between systems is presented.


At the completion of this course, participants will have the knowledge and skills necessary to program complex CICS DTP conversations between local and remote transactions. Participants will understand the different types of connections between systems, what they can be used for, and realize what must be coded in order to use them efficiently.


One CICS intercommunication exercise is included as part of this course. At the conclusion of the exercise, participants will have coded a CICS Distributed Transaction Processing application.


3 days.


CICS Programmers and/or Programmer/Analysts who need to program in a multi-region environment, and/or communicate between CICS and non-CICS entities.


Good knowledge of CICS programming (minimum of 6-9 months active CICS programming experience).

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