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Technical Education and Consulting Services

Technical Training: Partial List of courses now available:

Course Title Duration (in days) 
CICS Advanced Applications Programming 5 
CICS Applications Programming 5 
CICS Concepts and Facilities 1 
CICS/DB2 Interface 2 
CICS/ESA Applications Programming Debugging 3 
CICS Intercommunication (Covers APPC in CICS) 3 
CICS Intertest 1 
CICS-Supplied Transactions 1 
DB2 Concepts and Facilities 1 
DB2 Applications Design 3 
DB2/SQL for OS/390 and z/OS Applications Programming 5 
DB2 UDB for OS/390 and z/OS Advanced Applications Programming 5 
DB2 for OS/390 V6/V7 New Features and Differences 1 
DB2 for OS/390 V8 New Features and Differences 1 
DYL-280 (Vision:Results) 3 
IMS/DB Applications Programming 5 
JCL for OS/390 and z/OS 3 
QMF Programming 1 
Relational Data Base Concepts 1 
Screen Definition Facility (SDF) II 1 
Structured Query Language (SQL) 3 
UNIX Fundamentals 3 
UNIX Systems Administration 3 
Visual Basic Introduction 2 
Visual Basic Workshop 4 
Visual Basic Advanced Workshop 4 
VSAM for Applications Programmers 3 

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